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Our collection and use of your data

Use of cookies

The Aske Hippe Brun website stores cookies locally on your computer. These cookies are used for two things. One cookie is set if you change the default language in which the website was first provided to you. This way, you don't have to manually change the language every time you open the website. Another cookie is set when you click accept on our cookie notice popup, and ensures that you will not be prompted with this notice again, provided that you don't clear your cookies or change device or browser.
The cookies which we set on your browser are exclusively stored on your local device, and do not contain personally identifiable information about you. You can easily clear these cookies from your browser by following these instructions.

Contact form

When you submit the contact form at the bottom of a page, the content which you have entered will be stored in the email client of Aske Hippe Brun. This enables us to reply to your contact inquiry. We do not store this data elsewhere, and under no circumstance do we share this data with a third party. If you wish to view, change, or remove the data which we have stored about you, you can contact us by the contact form at the bottom of the page, or by shooting us an email at We will of course also purge the data which you have sent us by this inquiry.

Other uses of data

When you open our site, we make an assumption about your location based on your IP address, and various other information your browser provides us with. This information is exclusively used to provide this website's content in the language which we believe you will prefer, and is never stored or shared with a third party in any way.